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Inactive Dried Yeast
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SPECIALTY YEAST - Inactive Dried Yeast
Tower IDY is made from yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae grown by non alcoholic propagation on sugarcane molasses and is subsequently inactivated and dried. Due to the favorable natural composition of its yeast protein, with all essential amino acids, Vitamin B complex and minerals, IDY forms a valuable nutritional supplement.



For providing with a  pleasant yeasty aroma and flavor to the food products, used in seasonings and spice mixes, health foods. Acts as dough conditioner for dough relaxation and mixing time reduction.

Used in flour confectionary products like puffs, crackers, breads and buns where dough extensibility is critical. It has a good water binding and emulsifying capacity, and is excellently suitable for tabletizing.



Inactivated whole dried yeast cells recommended for fermentation process requiring controlled release of free amino acids. It assures the required fermentation kinetics by virtue of steady supply of bio available amino acids, B Vitamins, Nucleotides and micronutrients, resulting in better fermentation yields.

Used for various pharmaceutical fermentation products like, enzymes antibiotics, wine and alcohol fermentation.



The product shows a favourable composition of yeast protein with essential amino acids and it is distinguished through its content of minerals and trace elements. The product has a pleasant yeast-like taste.

Enriches the nutritional value of all types of food including  pet food, compensates deficit of B Vitamins and supports convalescence.

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