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Yeast are microscopic single cell fungi. They are widespread in nature but whilst there are hundreds of different natural species, the one most commonly used for industrial applications such as baking, brewing and wine making is the Saccharomyces Yeast with the principle species Saccharomyces cerevisiae. This species also shows great diversity. For example some strains are primarily used in baking applications whilst others are better suited for wine or brewery fermentation, as feed Yeast, or for the production of Yeast autolysates and food flavourings.

Despite all this complexity, using AB Mauri Yeast is far from complicated. Our scientists have in-depth knowledge of the biochemistry of Yeast and are experts in fermentation technology. They know how Yeast behaves, how it should be used, which strains work best in each application and how to make Yeast of consistent quality and activity. Our knowledge is your guarantee of great Yeast product design, production and supply.

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