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Taking the Bakery industry to new heights!
Every morning, people across Sri Lanka, wake up to the smell of fresh bread, in the form of sliced bread, fish buns and so much more. Whatever the combinations are, demand is always growing, while the supply of technically trained bakers lag behind. It is here that AB Mauri is stepping into provide training facilities, infrastructure and techniques behind well baked bread. As a part of  "taking the bakery industry to new heights" AB Mauri Lanka launched a fully-equipped bakery training centre in early 2010 at its head office in Mount Lavinia.

World class facilities
The Bakery Training Centre's facilities have been modelled around the best trends in training and the actual demand for personnel. Accordingly the seating capacity for lectures in one go has been limited to a maximum of 25 participants and a lecture hall has been so designed for this purpose. With this arrangement attention can be given to individual students and enough space has been provided for a comfortable setting. There is also a bakery development area designated for practical applications and training. It is envisaged that an effective transfer of expertise will ensure from this arrangement.

Industry support and re-training
In a bid to take the industry to new heights A B Mauri has organised training programmes for staff, employees and freshers interested in the industry to hone their skills and begin with a fresh new perspective. Even the self employed and potential entrepreneurs will be able to gleam nuggets of valuable hints to be able to serve the industry in better ways. The syllabus for the programmes have been formulated to cover theory and hands-on practical training encompassing product handling, merchandising and sales, application of bakery ingredients and innovative baking techniques. In addition designing of bakery outlets and the development of innovative solutions has been included in the course. A healthy mix of local and foreign trained experts has been brought into impart expertise on every possible aspect of the baking industry. Candidates who successfully complete the course will be awarded an internationally recognised National Vocational Qualification that will open up myriad job opportunities.

Training relevant to the customer

The training programme at The Bakery Training Centre is about achieving the highest levels of quality, proper handling of products, ensuring optimum product performance and operational efficiency. In addition to the courses, technical assistance will be provided when it comes to selecting equipment, designing a bakery layout and designing innovative solutions for cost effective production with on-going technical assistance to address the needs and concerns of customers. Customised solutions are on the cards for specific needs and value addition when necessary. Customers will be backed by experienced Bakery technical experts, trained product and sales representatives in quest for guidance and perfection in the bakery industry.

Equipment on par with the best

The Bakery Training Centre features almost every piece of equipment relevant to the bakery industry. This is for practical training and to keep the learners up to date with the advances in the field. Included in the training programme is training relevant to equipment currently being used by bakers in their own businesses.

A future of promise and perfection

AB Mauri Sri Lanka has already built a reputation for great selling and innovative bakery ingredients. With the launching of the Bakery Training Centre, the industry is bound to rise to unparalleled heights with world-class  training on the cards. While established baking specialists and new comers to the industry are in for their biggest break, one can confidently declare that the future of baking has begun.

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